Brace yourself for adventure! Journey to an exciting world filled with incredible MinoMonsters. Collect, train, and battle your way to greatness!

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MinoMonsters was shut down in 2016 after 5 years of operation. We were saddened to leave our thousands of loyal fans who stayed until the end, and MinoMonstesr has and always will have a special place in our heart. Thank you to all the players who continue to support Mino by playing Cat Game and Dog Game!

Customers Experience


Best quality collector game!

Stunning graphics and it gives you the nostalgic feeling pokemon sends its fans, this game is a great feel-like with all new mechanics during fights than pokemon. Also stunning animations all around. I downloaded this on a whim for enjoyment between clash and boom beach upgrades and it has turned into much more than that!!!


Fun fun fun!

Excellent Game! This game is a great way to pass the time. I played the first mino monster but this one is such a great improvement. The guardian stones are harder to get but that's what makes this game fun. The first game, anyone could get the epic minos in an hour. Well done Mino Games. You guys really hit this game out of the park!


Monsters are cute!

Was looking for a monster-training game and found this gem while browsing. Surprisingly great graphics, battle animation, and gameplay! Neatly done.


Love MinoMonsters!

Absolutely awesome! Graphics are great ,the characters are unimaginably cute and believable. The story line is also what keeps me coming back, great job MinoMonsters! 


It makes me smile!

Awesome! I usually get bored with turn-based fighting, but MinoMonsters keeps it interesting enough to keep me going! Also I absolutely love the sense of humor in the game.



It's an Epic story game filled with awesome monsters. I will never stop playing it! There are more quests, monsters, and better interactive play.